what riparias is

A European and Belgian initiative for fighting Invasive Alien Species

(IAS) and protecting critically important ecosystems

LIFE RIPARIAS, what is it? Reaching Integrated and Prompt Action in Response to Invasive Alien Species. These are the key words behind this new project funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union and the three regional authorities of Belgium. LIFE RIPARIAS develops innovative approaches that will improve the detection of IAS and help setting priorities regarding where and how to manage them across regional borders.

IAS in the spotlight. The project targets several problematic invasive plants and crayfish that are listed as IAS of EU concern in the EU Regulation No 1143/2014.  These species threaten aquatic and riparian habitats, which are of great conservation value but are also considered as ‘invasion hotspots’ as they host a high number of IAS.

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Highlights on the pilot areas. LIFE RIPARIAS tests its innovative approach in the Dijle, Mark and Zenne river basins of the Scheldt river basin district, a pilot area covering 263.103.000 ha across the three regions of Belgium.

Meet LIFE RIPARIAS partners! LIFE RIPARIAS is not only about fighting IAS! It is also about the collaboration between 11 organisations across Belgium ranging from public bodies, academia and associations, all committed to tackle this challenge!

You want to get involved? Learn more about the project on our website and how you can get involved in IAS surveillance and management! Trainings and dedicated events will be organised for professionals and citizens. There will also be volunteering opportunities!

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