The LIFE RIPARIAS alert list 

Alert lists are usually defined as lists of non-native species not yet present or with very limited distribution in a certain area that pose a threat to biodiversity, and for which dedicated surveillance and monitoring are recommended to foster prompt response in the case of arrival and spread. Alest lists are therefore essential for a preventive and proactive response towards IAS, including both early detection and rapid response.

An alert list of emerging freshwater aquatic and riparian plant and crayfish species was established for the LIFE RIPARIAS territory (an area covering 260.000 hectares in the Scheldt district encompassing the Dijle, Mark and Zenne river basins) by a three-step screening of alien species available on the Belgian market for ornamental purposes. It includes species with medium to very high environmental risk scores, assessed through the Harmonia+ risk scoring system. The alert list consists of 10 plant species and 5 crayfish species native to various regions of the world.

Together with IAS of EU concern, alert-list species will be subjected to enhanced surveillance through action C1 and will be a target for early eradication through action C2 of the LIFE RIPARIAS project. 

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