LIFE RIPARIAS and LIFE MICA: when LIFE projects join forces

On the 25th of March 2022, LIFE RIPARIAS and LIFE MICA organised an online one-day workshop.

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The main aim of this important meeting was to actively work together towards the development of a data standard for reporting on IAS management interventions. Indeed, such system is currently lacking at any level (national, EU level and worldwide) as actors tend to use their own system with their own data model and standard. Creating a data standard that is both flexible and thorough to tackle IAS management aspects is the ambitious objective LIFE MICA and LIFE RIPARIAS are aiming to reach together.

During the workshop, both LIFE projects exchanged and shared good practices and ideas on monitoring/reporting on management of IAS of Union Concern. Together, they identified essential criteria for important questions such as:

  • What should be reported when performing an IAS management action?
  • What is essential when reporting on Invasive Alien Species (IAS) management interventions? And what is optional?
  • How should it be reported?

A future workshop reuniting the two LIFE is now foreseen on the 13th of July to progress on the development of an IAS field management data standard. The final objective is to promote this data standard at international level.

The LIFE RIPARIAS project will also have a session at the TDWG conference on “how to exchange management data on wildlife and invasive alien species” during which a draft data model will be presented. Feedback from international initiatives will also be gathered.