Training and information...

Training and information sessions: still more to come!

Last year’s sessions: a small reminder

Last year, a dozen information sessions were organised by our partners the Contrat Rivière Senne (CRS) and Brussels Environment (BE), bringing together diverse groups of field actors such as field managers, naturalists and pond owners. The primary focus of these sessions was to enhance participants' ability to identify aquatic and riparian invasive alien plant species. This was achieved through engaging presentations on identification criteria, hands-on practical exercises, insightful field visits, and the provision of helpful identification tools such as videos and identification guides.

Various types of information and training sessions will be held throughout the project (from 2023 to 2026). This year, ULIEGE is organising a few training and information sessions dedicated to the identification and management of crayfish.

Further dates will be communicated later in our social media channels Facebook and Twitter, notably for training sessions on plants. Make sure to follow us to stay informed!


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