International conferences

LIFE RIPARIAS presented at international conferences

LIFE RIPARIAS took part in many networking events including the International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS), the International Conference on Ecology and Vegetal Community (EcoVeg15) and the Empowering Biodiversity Research Conference (EBR II).

Those conferences are great opportunities for the LIFE RIPARIAS team to learn from and exchange knowledge with initiatives from all around the world to tackle the global issue of invasive alien species. It also enables the team to present and promote the project internationally.

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Participations in other networking events and conferences are still foreseen for 2022, notably NEOBIOTA, an International Conference on Biological Invasions taking place in September 2022. The project will also have a session at the TDWG conference on “how to exchange management data on wildlife and invasive alien species” during which a draft data model will be presented. Feedback from international initiatives will also be gathered.  

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