Mid-term monitoring visit

Mid-term monitoring visit marks LIFE RIPARIAS' 3-Year anniversary


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After 3 years of dedicated effort, the LIFE RIPARIAS team gathered to assess the progress made during a monitoring visit with the LIFE Programme. Through this incredible 3-year journey filled with challenges and successes, the team already managed to accomplish many milestones and objectives. Here is a glimpse of what we have been up to so far: 

  • Enhanced dataflows for early warning
  • First version of our innovative decision support tool to prioritize IAS management areas
  • Strategic management plan for the 3 Regions ensuring the future of invasive alien species management
  • Increased detection of invasive species through citizen science
  • Successful eradication and control efforts, thanks to our committed field workers
  • Accessible hands-on communication materials for everyone
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Although we have reached the midpoint of our project, there are still many more objectives awaiting our focus and determination.